We are alumni, parents, and friends committed to growing our baseball fan base through communications, events, mentoring and career networking.  By building a sense of tradition and community through participation, volunteerism and financial support, we seek to promote excellence in coaching, recruiting and academic performance to enhance each student-athletes’ competitive experience.

Executive Committee
Bill Currier                             Head Baseball Coach           [email protected]
Joe Solimine ’89                   President                               [email protected]
Matt McLaughlin ’89           Vice President                      [email protected]
Leo Civitillo ’97                     Treasurer                              [email protected]   
Jim Brett ’00                          Secretary                               [email protected]

Technology Sub-Committee
Adam Samuelian ’97            Co-Chair                                 [email protected]
Chris Horning ’11                 Co-Chair                                 [email protected]

Mentoring Sub-Committee
Ed Kiernan ’92                      Co-Chair                                 [email protected]         
Rick Piccirillo ’10                  Co-Chair                                 [email protected]

Committee Members
Dave Soucy ’06                                                                     [email protected]
Jarrod Jackette ’97                                                              [email protected]
Jason Rago ’10                                                                      [email protected]
Joe Carillo ’93                                                                       [email protected]
John De Santis ’78                                                                [email protected]
Jose Vega ’88                                                                        [email protected]
Kevin Welch ’93                                                                   [email protected]
Matt Drury ’95                                                                      [email protected]
Matt McGoldrick ’01                                                           [email protected]
Mike Colucci ’07                                                                  [email protected]
Tom Reardon ’86                                                                                 [email protected]
Albi DeSimone ’08                                                               [email protected]